Covid Modifications For the Summer of 2021

Vaccinated v Unvaccinated Restrictions 2021

Camp Rotary Covid Modifications Summer 2021

Camp’s Covid Contact Person: Lisa Cullivan, Assistant Director

  • We are establishing new drop-off and pick-up protocols with larger time gaps between camper units to minimize the amount of people in camp at one time.
  • Fully immunized campers who show proof of the second vaccine shot having happened two weeks or more before their check-in date, will be offered a bracelet at check-in which will reveal their status as fully immunized. If they choose not to accept the bracelet, they will be assumed to be unvaccinated regarding masking and social distancing precautions (the testing requirements are still waived).
  • New screening requirements for campers and staff who are not fully immunized at check-in:
    • required to present evidence of having had a negative PCR Covid test within 72 hours of arrival at camp
    • will also be tested upon arrival with BinaxNOW test (negative test is required for entry) (results are within about 15 minutes)
  • Per state guidelines, parents are not allowed to go to the cabins with their campers, and must say goodbye in the designated area for their unit. Campers will be welcomed at the designated area and brought to their cabins by their counselor or CIT.
  • Campers should try to limit the amount of excess clothing/materials to allow the campers to keep their belongings gathered neatly within their own cubby area.
  • The regular orientation that is given to campers will be expanded to include Covid protocols, symptoms of Covid, and how to get a replacement mask if needed
  • A camper’s cabin will be considered his/her cohort.
  • Cohort size is limited to 12 campers. Staff are not counted as part of cohort size. There may be multiple cohorts of 12 campers in a larger group, but they may not be combined (less than 3 feet apart) at any time without masks and social distancing. All cohorts will socially distance from each other.
  • Masks are not required inside their own cabins or outside at any time.
  • Campers and staff who are not fully immune must wear masks when they are inside when people who are not in their own cohort are present.
  • Campers should who are not fully immunized should bring 6-8 reusable cloth masks that may be washed and reused, but the camp will have disposable masks available in multiple locations around camp, if needed. Please note that “gator” style masks and masks with removable filters are prohibited.
  • All doors and windows will be open unless temperature/weather require them to be closed
  • Cabin fans will be placed in windows blowing in, to circulate outdoor air
  • Proper hand hygiene practices will be encouraged with increased frequency for both staff and campers
  • Hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol) will be available and may be used at times when handwashing is not available if:
    • Parents have signed to allow camper use
  • The camp will ensure that campers and staff are aware of infection control practices and that personal supplies (e.g., hats, brushes, hair ties, contact solutions, towels and bedding) and drinking containers must never be shared with others.
  • Campers will be screened daily for symptoms by their counselors (who will ask each camper, individually and separately, if they are experiencing any of the symptoms of Covid 19) and will record their answers as negative or bring the camper to the infirmary to be further evaluated.
  • Campers will be monitored throughout the day by their counselors for any observable indication of sickness.
  • Symptomatic campers/staff will be isolated immediately and supervised at all times by dedicated staff member(s).The parent/guardian of the symptomatic camper will be contacted and the camper/staff will be taken for follow up testing outside of camp.
  • In the event camper/staff tests positive for COVID-19 or is identified as a close contact of an individual who tests positive, they may not return to camp until they have met the state requirements for discontinuing isolation or quarantine.  Unfortunately, we are not in a position to offer a refund or credits to campers who are sent home as Covid-positive or as a close contact.  Parents may wish to consider options of purchasing a “camp interruption” insurance policy.  Several companies offer these policies and will refund the entire cost of camp if this occurs.
  • If the symptomatic individual tests negative, they may return to camp after they have improvement in symptoms, and have been without fever for at least 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications. If, after the individual tests negative, a provider makes an alternative diagnosis for the COVID-19-like symptoms, the individual may return to camp based on the recommendations for that alternative diagnosis (e.g., influenza or strep pharyngitis).
  • Camp Rotary will be following the current guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces (all common areas will be cleaned and sanitized several times throughout the day. All cabins will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between sessions.  All bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized multiple times each day.
  • Meals will be served individually. We will also be taking advantage of outside seating on some nice weather days, using both the deck and the patio.
  • All program areas and equipment will be cleaned and sanitized before a new cohort uses the equipment at that program area.
  • Any permitted, larger group activity will be held outside with cohorts socially distances away from other cohorts.
  • Stayover weekends are NOT being offered this summer as a regular option. If your camper is visiting us from outside of the New England area, please contact the director to discuss options for weekend arrangements for your child.
Revised June 1, 2021